Transforming Special Education

Redefining improvement on behalf of our most diverse learners
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Mission Driven

The Ability Challenge seeks to transform how schools serve students with diverse learning needs through research-driven services, tools, and technology that support meaningful and personalized school improvement.

The Right Expertise

Discover the power of our unique approach to special education support and improvement.

Our model provides a complete, whole-school roadmap to improve how students with disabilities are served, including facilitated planning opportunities, educator training, leader coaching, infrastructure development, and tools that empower schools to make lasting change. 

Each engagement is customized to the needs of the school, but draws upon scalable resources to facilitate transformation. ABC also supercharges its efforts by leveraging technology, key learnings, and research to inspire sustainable industry-wide educational and policy impact.

What truly sets us apart is our ability to foster sustainable change. We understand that true progress is not achieved through quick fixes but through a long-term commitment to continuous improvement. We work tirelessly to ensure that the solutions we implement are not only effective today but also adaptable and sustainable for the future.

Our Team

Meet the Experts Who Provide Our Services

Our team boasts exceptional expertise in special education, with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of evidence-based practices, legal requirements, and innovative strategies for inclusive education.

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Core Values

Guiding How Serve

As an organization, we hold these values at the forefront of our work:
  • Equity: We confront barriers to access and dismantle the inequitable systems that have allowed those barriers to exist.
  • Integrity: We make decisions that hold true to our values over all else, even when decisions are hard.
  • Curiosity: We seek clarity and understanding in order to learn from each other, our partners, and the world around us.  
  • Courage: We lead with honesty, authenticity, and trust.  
  • Collaboration: We recognize that no one person must be the knower and doer of all things.