Educator Training

Inclusive Instruction

Professional learning opportunities for all educators
Teaching students with special needs in inclusive classrooms

Empowering Educators with Practical and Lasting Skills

Our professional learning provides educators with practical, long-lasting skills and confidence that they can meet the needs of diverse learners.

Kristen Briggs, program director from the ability challenge

Foundational Courses

Our professional learning courses focus on high-leverage, research-based topics and are designed to support participant planning and immediate implementation of new skills. 

Sample topics include:

  • Responding to Interfering Behaviors
  • Designing Differentiated Lessons to Engage All Learners
  • Inclusive Practices for Teachers
professor participaticing on training session from the ability challenge

Professional Communities

Learning communities bring together groups of educators and providers on a series of topics with shared goals and outcomes to regularly engage in ongoing, collective professional development.

Our communities cover essential topics such as:

  • Improving Collaboration to Support Diverse Learners
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement to Build Strategies for Inclusion
  • Crafting High-Quality Individualized Education Programs


“I loved The Ability Challenge's workshops. There were so many resources and a-ha moments.”     

- Special Education Teacher Leader



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